Lost in Translation

22 May - 25 Jul 2020
  • An invitation to a debate about a time of possible utopias, dreams and the need to experience ideas lost in translation. Things don’t born out of nothing, those experiences that have not yet been executed reactivate a relationship between the real and another form of seen the reality, or to discover ways to transform it.


    Forces that combine and conflict in the social and cultural transformations of the spaces of desire, limbo and creation.




    That world is gone. We are not unproductive, these are the traces of an outdated standard, the one we used to live a few months ago. Daydreams and delusions, bittersweet sensations of separating from those we love, without knowing if we will see them again. Now we remember, human connection is something huge, that old exchange experiences that humanity had to offer, the beauty of going to places, meeting people, exchanging impressions.


    Today we are in suspension. The world collapses in rubble, imagine if that is all that life has to give.


    What would happen to us if a virus snatched us, lasting for a year or more?


    We live the force of doubt


    The polarization between rights and wrongs operates on its own circuit and, however cliché it may seem, the hectic alternation of information carries conflicts but brings more perceptions of new realities ... And possibilities ... We learn more about ourselves.


    We entered a bleak tunnel. Ancient stalactites threaten to fall on our heads, wounding, erasing memories that insist on pointing innocuous and senseless paths. However, we walked. We funnel into the tunnel. Tarkovsky's fog reminds us of false steps, with no exact direction. We are in a conflict between what we really look for and what we miss the most.


    Are ideas questions for the future?


    Lost In Translation removes the fake veil that covers reality, the historical, social, political and aesthetic (in)visibilities of the formerly called progress. Getting lost in translations is a challenge in search of balance.


    Boldness and experimentation.


    We hear the reverberation of the voices and we feel.


    Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better, as in Becket and the strange sense of literal absurdity. Now we urgently look for other dynamics for everyday life, it is not enough to know that the earth is blue as Iuri Gagarin said and just live the ideal portrait.


    Too literal is the exercise of accepting a tomorrow.


    It is a struggle to postpone the end of the world, telling more and more and one more story, as Ailton Krenak teaches us.


    To provoke the expansion of our existential horizons, to enrich our subjectivities and to reinvent our airs, breath of direction. It fits in our worlds, wide creativity in different colorful parachutes and we like to travel junts.

  • A GENTIL CARIOCA is pleased to present the first virtual exhibition of projects designed by Cabelo, Jarbas Lopes, João Modé, Laura Lima, Maria Laet, Maxwell Alexandre, Rodrigo Torres and Vivian Caccuri.

  • Cabelo Cabelo Cabelo


    Can you hear the explosions of the seeds sprouting in the concrete cracks?
    Smell the grass that spreads around the city?
    The stone that is in the river is in your soul.



    Ladainha do Morto [videoclipe]


    The artist brings as a project the rap videoclip Ladainha do Morto, a poem by Gerardo Mello Mourão, musicized and recorded by Cabelo for the work “Luz com Trevas”, which involves a record, a show and an exhibition. The script is based on his text “The DeMoses” written for the project Crab Nebulosa, carried out with Lilian Zaremba and Tunga for the event “100 days – 100 guests” at Documenta X, Kassel, Germany in 1997.


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  • Jarbas Lopes Jarbas Lopes Jarbas Lopes

    Jarbas Lopes

    An aesthetic vision of the future for today!
    The body flowing the energy of the body, the body flowing the mechanical energy of the bicycle, “50% man - 50% machine".



    Cicloviárea Trecho Inaugural [MAM - Rio de Janeiro]


    Jarbas Lopes presents the Trecho Inaugural [MAM - Rio de Janeiro], a work that establishes, in a closer way, the visualization and practice of the original proposal of the CicloviAérea, revealing, for the reality dimensions, its ideals. It is a structure that is both aesthetic and functional, designed for the exercise of interactive contemplation that consists of an aesthetic vision of the future for today.


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  • João Modé João Modé João Modé

    João Modé

    An extension of the look. A crossing of the space that connects and separates things and situations.



    Extensores [A Gentil Carioca]


    João Modé presents Extensores, where five long strings connect over the skylight of A Gentil Carioca, tied to some buildings in the Saara region – an open market in the historic center of Rio de Janeiro – and others in the surroundings, with a knot in suspension. As a spatial extension of the look to the neighborhood, the work earns a crossing potency through tension, which also gives it the dimension of the built weave by a complex, vital and collective time.


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  • Laura Lima Laura Lima Laura Lima

    Laura Lima

    What is a drawing pointed to the Cosmos?





    Laura Lima presents Desejo, a work in which the artist offers the observation of her drawings to the space. The task is made by an astronaut on a space base orbiting the earth. The public, who is on earth, can witness the work intermediated by technology, the piece takes the form of an experimental articulation intercrossed with expanded times and spaces, since the images are transposed beyond the planet earth and come into contact with other galaxies, on an interplanetary artistic mission.


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  • Maria Laet Maria Laet Maria Laet

    Maria Laet

    When a person's breath ends, the next begins, like voices that continue in each other, from the inside to the outside of the earth.



    A Medida da voz


    Maria Laet presents as a proposal the realization of the immersive sound installation and the film A Medida da voz, which deals with the measure of space and time of the voice.


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  • Maxwell Alexandre Maxwell Alexandre Maxwell Alexandre

    Maxwell Alexandre

    A temple that mythically suggests the essential condition of what builds and dissolves the place where I come from.



    Sem Título [Instalação]


    Maxwell Alexandre presents an installation of two symmetrical and contrasting environments – composed of several Romeo Mirrors and a Capri Pool –, where the audience, barefoot, is invited to enter the mythology that the artist has been building from symbols of the popular culture. A piece with a mythical aspect and with a essential condition in relation to what builds and dissolves the place where he comes from.


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  • Rodrigo Torres Rodrigo Torres Rodrigo Torres

    Rodrigo Torres

    A simulacrum of marijuana cigarettes, their counting refers to the passage of time itself, in a contemplative way.



    Colar das Horas


    Rodrigo Torres presents a sculptural object in ceramics where the manufacture of such pieces resembles the act of rolling a marijuana joint – a form simulated by the artist when producing his Colar das Horas – where the clay is in fact wrapped in rolling paper to acquire texture. A kind of meditative string activated by both the passage of time and by burning at high temperatures, thus completing Torres ritualistic proposal in his manual making.


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  • Vivian Caccuri Vivian Caccuri Vivian Caccuri

    Vivian Caccuri

    Walk, silence, drift, acoustic awareness.



    Caminhada Silenciosa [Veneza]


    Vivian Caccuri proposes the realization of the Caminhada Silenciosa in Venice, an experience of urban drift, which allows an eight-hour conviviality between twenty people who do not know each other. An itinerary/performance, previously performed in Rio de Janeiro, that the artist transposes to Italy, bringing together places with intense sound activity, constructions that embrace contrasting sounds, building terraces, underground paths, isolated neighborhoods and religious spaces. The experimentation embraces the possibilities of similarity between "place" and "person", acoustic behavior and personality, listening and swimming.


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    • Colar das Horas Rodrigo Torres
    • Caminhada Silenciosa [Veneza] Vivian Caccuri

      Caminhada Silenciosa [Veneza]

      Vivian Caccuri

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