Maxwell Alexandre | Novo Poder

26 Nov 2021 - 29 Jan 2022 Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo


A Gentil Carioca is pleased to announce the show New Power, by Maxwell Alexandre, opening simultaneously at Palais de Tokyo and in both A Gentil Carioca spaces, in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.


New Power is a spin-off of Pardo é Papel, made to explore the idea of the black community within the established temples for art contemplation: galleries and museums. Understanding contemporary art as an elite field that concentrates great financial and intellectual capital, the series seeks to draw attention of the black community to these spaces that legitimize narratives in history. The series works with only three basic signs: the black (characters), the white (“white cube” or exhibition space) and the brown (art).


For the three simultaneous exhibitions, the artist created dozens of works, working density, leading the subject through exhaustion, and then carefully curing, so that the launch and presentation of this series could take place in a basic way, in its genesis, but at the same time was as unabridged as possible.


Maxwell’s decision of opening New Power in three different places in the world led him to a conceptual approach suited precisely to this period of global pandemic we are all experiencing, since getting together for a meeting or traveling is something that must be carefully planned and considered. The simultaneous opening is a poetic solution for these concerns, since with this format the audience is divided in the three locations for the three shows.