• A Gentil Carioca is a contemporary art gallery founded on September 6, 2003 by three artists - Márcio Botner, Ernesto Neto and Laura Lima – a unique initiative in Brazil. Its main objective is to make the gallery a place to think, produce, experiment, celebrate and commercialize art.


    Located in the Historic Center of Rio de Janeiro, more specifically in the region called Saara, a place known as the largest open market in Latin America and founded in the last century by Arab and Jewish immigrants. All around it, it is possible to find all kinds of trinkets and spices, a fundamental attraction for many artists and the curious. It is on one of these Saara stores that A Gentil Carioca is located, in a townhouse from the 1920s.


    A Gentil Carioca was born mixed to capture and spread the diversity of art in Brazil and in the world. We believe that each work of art is a cultural melting pot with the power to spread culture and education. Its fixed address concentrate and irradiate voices of different artists and ideas and advocate the expansion of the potential field of action of art by stimulating the network of collectors and art lovers in general.

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